Skye Candles journey in blog form


Skippy says “G’d Day, mate!”

by Diana Maresova on

Have you spotted this fluffy face, in one of our stores? Meet Skippy, the charitable kangaroo. He has joined the #skyecandles clan at the end of January.   ...

The Island Connections

by Diana Maresova on

A big part of Skye Candles identity is our profound connection the Skye and the Hebrides. As well as trying to spread the word about the magic of our island...

colsie (kol-zee) / origin: Old Scots for ‘cosy’

by Diana Maresova on

1.  The habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures 2.  The feeling that comes with being present, inviting closeness, and appreciating the things...

Candle Myths : BUSTED!

by Diana Maresova on

In 2019 the internet is flooded with false claims and statements just about anything, what you read on the internet is not always correct. While browsing different sites...

Scottish Fine Gifts

by Diana Maresova on

With over 200 shops and locations stocking our candles and diffusers, we thought you’d like to meet some of our oldest favourites who are spread across the UK...

Three Candle Aromas With Powerful Benefits

by Diana Maresova on

When it comes to memory recall, smell is the strongest of our 5 senses.Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus. This has a...

Saving Loch Arkaig Forest

by Diana Maresova on

Wanting to take care of the environment is something which is very important to us at Skye Candles. We believe in preservation and conservation for the planet we...

5 reasons to use soya wax candles

by Diana Maresova on

There are many reasons why we’d recommend burning soya wax candles. But we decided to list 5 big, and more importantly unbiased ones, here.These are the main reasons...

There’s no place like home...

by Diana Maresova on

It doesn’t take a detective to notice that Skye, our beautiful island, is what makes us who we are. It's where we started, where the products are and...

We’ve partnered up for Pine!

by Diana Maresova on

Last night we’ve launched a lovely new fragrance - Scots Pine. It's the newest addition to our premium Scottish range. While we do get excited about every new...

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