Spotify #2020wrapped: Skye Candles Edition

  • by Diana Maresova
At Skye Candles, we are all about creating an atmosphere. You can add a scent to any space, but with our products, we strive to help you create an ambience that brings joy, provides a better headspace and creates sensory memories.
This month, with our Instagram stories filled with Spotify #2020wrapped, we have decided to take it up a notch and add music to our candle experience, putting together a playlist perfect for our Sleep Sensation blend. 
We asked everyone in our team to give it a go and listen to some relaxing tunes whilst winding down with Sleep Sensation. As a result, we have created an eclectic chill out compilation, perfect for a cosy night in or whilst undergoing your selfcare routine. For the full experience, follow our playlist [link] on Spotify. Here is our #2020wapped top songs for this particular scent:
Is music a part of your candle burning routine? What other songs would you like to see on there? Let us know!

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