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Helping our Planet

Here at the Isle of Skye Candle Co we really hate waste, and we try and do our bit wherever we can to stop it. Here are just a few things that we do and we'd recommend you do too!

Saving Paper, saving waste

In store at Skye Candles we always ask if you require your receipt, if you don't...we won't print it, simple as that. If you need one but want to save the paper we can email them instead.


With the paper we use we then recycle it. We do this by shredding it all and then making the shredded paper into burning brickets which then can be used to heat homes.

Recycling our glasses

To encourage people to recycle our glasses we offer a 10% discount for bringing back used candle glasses and tins. Once we get them back we wash them and then fill them up with wax before they head back out onto our shelves!

A brighter future

We only use LED bulbs in all our stores so that we use as little energy as possible whilst keeping our stores lights on.

Cleaner Energy

We source our electricity from cleaner energy, with over 91% of our energy coming from renewable sources.

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